Madison Avenue Pharmacy has been proudly serving the Springfield community for more than 50 years! As an independent family owned business, we believe that customer service and personal care still matter. Madison Avenue Pharmacy will show you a new and enjoyable pharmacy experience. Let us show you the individualized services you’ve been missing!

Pharmacy compounding is a long-established tradition that offers customized care to meet the specific needs of individual patients.

Have you ever wished your child’s medicine tasted better, so they would accept it without a fuss? Or struggled to cut a prescription tablet in half because the pill wasn’t manufactured to the strength you required? Perhaps an ill loved one could have benefited from having multiple medications combined into a single dose. Compounding pharmacists provide solutions to all these problems, and more.

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Compression therapy can be effectively used to treat a variety of health issues as an alternative to oral medication or in conjunction with a prescribed regimen. Many conditions including edema(swelling), varicose veins, tired aching legs and post-operative care respond well to this therapeutic approach. Our licensed fitter is available to help you find the garment that works for you.

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Anyone who has been through puberty knows that hormones have a powerful effect on one’s body. Hormones affect many areas of your health, including your mood, your metabolism, and your sexual and reproductive function. If your hormones become unbalanced, whether due to menopause or other factors, you may end up feeling like a stranger in your own skin. However, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a way to restore balance and help you feel like yourself again.

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The average person takes 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day. Each step applies pressure on areas of the foot, mainly the heel and the ball-of-the foot. After millions of steps are taken foot discomfort may result.

Depth shoes try to ensure that every step is comfortable from your first of the day to your last. Diabetic shoes rocker sole to reduce stress on the ball-of-the foot relieving metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma. They have a high, wide toe box to ease pressure on the toes and accommodate bunions, claw toes, hammer toes and mallet toes.

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